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Summer Heat Model & Talent Search is a well-established national event, with a nationally and internationally recognised brand. The popularity and prestige of Summer Heat Model & Talent Search is unquestionable, with an identifiable footprint in SA and internationally. It has run since 2010 in every province of South Africa. Summer Heat Model & Talent Search, on the search for singers, actors, dancers and male & female models around the country, is looking for the most promising talent South Africa has to offer. With auditions in every province of South Africa (some provinces have auditions in more than 1 city) the contestants from each audition who show the most promise are invited to the Summer Heat National Awards Weekend.
Apart from the opportunity of being selected as the best of the best at the Summer Heat National Awards Weekend, Summer Heat is also the perfect launching pad to kickstart a network in the performing arts industry – assisting your future career in immeasurable ways. The credibility of our event is beyond question.
The Summer Heat Model & Talent Search national auditions are, without a doubt, a platform that can open doors. Summer Heat strives to build up local talent, giving them encouragement and a sense of how much potential they have. We support all our contestants to become the best they can be. We can proudly say that many previous contestants have gone on to achieve a career in the performing arts industry, locally and internationally and remain part of our family. 
Summer Heat has been lauded as the safest platform in South Africa for both beginners and slightly more established performers. It is frequently complimented on its modern, loving approach to dealing with the talented youth of South Africa, while maintaining a proudly international standard. Over the years, we have seen huge talent all over the country and through Summer Heat Model & Talent Search a number of these talented artists have had the opportunity to perform locally, nationally and internationally and also to study internationally. Summer Heat Model & Talent Search refuses to work to any but the highest standards and motivates their contestants to do the same. 
Summer Heat Model & Talent Search Mission Statement
Building up South African talent. Offering talented South Africans a previously unheard-of support structure in the arts industry
Summer Heat Model & Talent Search Vision
To support local artists and help to instil self confidence in every individual met, while assisting and supporting artists in South Africa to pursue local and international careers in their chosen field. 
Summer Heat Model & Talent Search will open doors for local talent to be seen in a safe and legitimate manner.
Summer Heat Model & Talent Search strives to be a pivotal point in changing lives while showcasing South African talent to industry leaders around the world and closing the gap between our talent and potential local and international contracts.
Summer Heat Model & Talent Search intends to leave an indelible mark in the performing arts industry